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Cost Transparency
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Reduce your direct overheads
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Concentrate on your Products
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Bonded Warehouse in Oldham, Manchester

H4 (UK) Ltd is a “Bonded Warehouse”. This means we are authorised to receive/store goods which are imported into the country. This results in significant cashflow benefits. The key benefit is that VAT or import duty is not payable until the goods are released from our care and shipped to the end user.

Bonded Warehouse Services

H4 (UK) Ltd provide the “complete one stop” service, including:

  1. Shipping/importing
  2. Freight forwarding
  3. Customs clearance
  4. Bonded warehousing/storage
  5. Bond release
  6. Pick & Pack
  7. Delivery to your clients

No matter the size of your business, H4UK can help you to develop your business by delivering the highest of standards in E-Fulfillment / pick and pack, storage and order fulfillment services at our distribution and warehousing facilities in Oldham.

Warehouse Space Available Now!

We Have now extended Our Bonded Warehouse to 120,000 square feet. This means we have availability for:

  • Bulk storage
  • Warehouse storage
  • Refurbishment
  • Reworking
  • Re-packing
  • Re-labelling

Our recently expanded rework/refurb team providing a quick, efficient and reliable service.

Learn More about H4 UK’s Services…

We also have the space and facilities for and able to carry out;

  • Processing
  • Refurb
  • Inspections
  • Alongside space for storage

Our History

Here at H4UK, we are very aware of those extra pressures customers are facing and use our vast experience in E-fulfilment and understanding when it comes to order fulfilment services, to retain and continually develop customer partnerships and relationships. During our proud history in Oldham, H4 have been well recognised for our E-Fulfilment and order fulfilment services in the ‘High End’ fashion industry. Managing brand inventory and effecting timed deliveries to multiple store groups in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Learn More about H4 UK…