Pick and Pack


Pick & Pack

What is Pick & Pack
This is the process we use to Present or Re-Present your goods to your client

To make this happen, what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ ?

  • We receive your goods in bulk or whatever condition you purchase them, check to your manifest / invoice, 
  • We locate the product in our secure premises awaiting your instructions,

We can, to your instructions:

  • Re-Present, Re-Label, Re-Price, Re-Fold or Re-Box your goods
  • We can also produce and attach appropriate barcode labels when necessary

Pick / Despatch

  • We carefully pack, box the product to include customer receipt/invoice and then label for delivery.
  • We confirm collection & delivery details with distribution partner.
  • We then inform delivery/tracking details to all the necessary parties.
  • If for any reason, the customer refuses the delivery, ‘reverse logistics’ will be required.
  • The customer returns item.
  • A refund will need to be generated.
  • Once received, we inspect product to see if fit for re-sale and back into stock.
  • If not, we follow the ‘return’ guidelines.
  • Stock checks/levels are monitored at all times

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