What is E-fulfillment?
E-fulfillment is the combined process of warehousing, pick and packing, distribution, delivery (handing over) and returns. It is a crucial part of the complete “end to end process”, from the moment a customer places an order right through to delivery.

The importance of E-Fulfillment

Delivery time and quality are two factors that determine the level of acceptance by customers. With more and more customers expecting next day delivery, this in turn increases the pressure of delivering on time. Why not alleviate this pressure? Take out the hassle of internet sales here at H4 UK.

E-fulfillment services in UK

We have a proven reputation of providing E-fulfillment to companies across UK, with our customers based in the Midlands, London and the Northwest. H4UK specialise in providing high performance logistics for electronic based businesses in the field of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customers).

How we handle E-Fulfillment at H4UK

We are effectively the “engine room”, or back office – the behind scenes team that make it all happen. Here at H4UK we remove the hassle of online sales, simply send your goods to us and we will handle the rest once an order is received. We take pride in what we do, in ensuring that your customer gets your product ASAP, usually next day delivery.

What happens behind the scenes?
  • We confirm receipt of your order.
  • We locate the product.
  • We check the product.
  • We carefully pack, box the product to include customer receipt/invoice and then label for delivery.
  • We confirm collection & delivery details with distribution partner.
  • We then inform delivery/tracking details to all the necessary parties.
  • If for any reason, the customer refuses the delivery, ‘reverse logistics’ will be required.
  • The customer returns item.
  • A refund will need to be generated.
  • Once received, we inspect product to see if fit for re-sale and back into stock.
  • If not, we follow the ‘return’ guidelines.
  • Stock checks/levels are monitored at all times

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